We are a boutique graphic and web design studio in Vancouver helping individuals and businesses with English and Japanese language support.


Web Design & Development

Each client has different requirements and specific purposes for a website. We design and develop a custom website and online appearance that meets your needs including e-commerce sites, e-Newsletters, site makeover, site migration, and continuous site management are also available to help you.

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Graphic Design

We entered design field as logo and print designers. We have hands-on experience in printing, and we communicate well with printers. Business cards, stationery, brochures, signs, advertising, print on fabric, etc., we design items optimized for different purposes. We also design graphics for films.

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Icon Design

It is our nature to constantly seek the best way to communicate visually. Icons help people to use media intuitively without the language boundary. Well designed cohesive icons also help overall brand presence. We create icons that speak to you with charm.

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