Hello, We are No Shortcuts!

A boutique graphic and web design studio serving with English and Japanese in Vancouver

Logo Design
We aim to design a logo that will become the core of your brand development. We are committed to finding out who you are, what you are about, and where you want to go from there by asking the right questions. We work closely with you and design a unique and versatile logo that will truly represent your brand.
Web Design & Development
We design and develop a custom website that meets your needs including e-commerce. Site migration, continuous site management and WordPress support are also available to help you all the way.
Icon & Web Graphic Design
It is our nature to constantly seek the best way to communicate visually. Icons help people to use media intuitively without the language boundary. Well designed cohesive icons also help overall brand presence. We create icons that speak to you with charm.
Packages & Labels
We design packages and levels as a part of your brand appearance that stands out.
Refreshing a brand without changing existing logo
The client wanted to have functional and easy-to-understand menus and signs with a fresh look without changing their existing logo. We were able to create a fresh but consistent and recognizable design.
Logo & web design competition for a new venture
We had an opportunity to participate in a competition for a venture capital backed startup company.
Website UI Mockup Gallery
Presented Logo Design Archive
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