Working with Ko Kimura of No Shortcuts Design was an enormously enjoyable, creative and collaborative exercise. Ko worked with me to articulate the vision for my business through words and ultimately through clean, professional and inspiring print and web design. I recommend No Shortcuts Design to all of my clients and associates.

It is my pleasure to be able to provide Ko Kimura of No Shortcuts Design with my highest references for the work she has done for the company I represent – Maracaibo Estates, Ltd. Recently, over a period of several months we worked together on a large and sophisticated brochure for the company. Between her creative suggestions in areas of imaging, text, layout and colour scheme, and the timeliness of her revisions and in the providing of numerous drafts, it was a great pleasure to work with her.

Before that project, Ko had also been employed by our company to redesign our website. Although I was not involved in that more ambitious endeavour, my colleagues assured me that her work on that project was also of the highest calibre.

I had the pleasure of working with Ko Kimura (No Shortcuts Design) on a recent project in British Columbia. The project involved development of a new website for an established community, including both a new visual design and user interface.

This was not an easy project, given that it was managed by a committee, some of whom were not tech savvy. In addition to her technical skills, Ko was able to effectively communicate with all knowledge levels within the committee. It was apparent that everyone felt comfortable with her and was willing to voice opinions regarding the design criteria, and express candid feedback. Ko did an excellent job managing this iterative design process, both at on-site meetings, and remote collaborations.

From the first prototype to site completion, the community members expressed their excitement about the website project and their pleasure with Ko’s contributions.

I hired No Shortcuts to design a logo for my business cards and stationary. I found their leadership on this particular project to be extremely professional. Not only were they well informed and well organized, they often stepped over and beyond my expectations, which impressed me on several occasions.

Their involvement with me has been of the highest quality and their design choices are innova- tive and accurate, which makes the process so much easier. I have personally recommended No Shortcuts Design Inc. to my associates and they have expressed a positive outcome with their abilities. I found Ko and Tomoko to be respectful, courteous, and capable of completing work on time. No Shortcuts Design would be a great benefit to any project that they commit to.

After working with Ko and Tomoko at No Shortcuts Design, I would be happy to endorse them for this opportunity. I believe they have the necessary experience as well as the creative and artistic sense to “not only” design concepts, promotional materials, brochures for the communications in the Branch but they would work incredibly well with the end client and would get to know them as well as their needs. They would create beautiful things being mindful of the process as well as the end result.

I have worked with Ko Kimura at No Shortcuts Design on two logo design projects, four websites, and several more modest graphic design projects. Ko’s work is always imaginative, perceptive, timely and on budget. She is a pleasure to work with, articulate and thoughtful, and ably navigates the demands of her clients, regardless of project scope. She is an excellent listener who translates concepts into a compelling design and implementation. Her work produces results that far exceed the client’s conceptual vision.

I hired Ko at No Shortcuts Design as a graphic designer on a feature length film titled “The People Garden” (2016) where she displayed a wide set of skills ranging from creating posters and brochures to logos and branding.

She proved to be an asset to the project due to her reliable, hard working nature and ability to work under pressure within the fast paced environment of a film set.
Ko is a pleasure to work with thanks to her ability to communicate with colleagues within a team environment as well as working independently.
She brings a vast knowledge of design and demonstrates a strong attention to detail and quality control. Not only did she demonstrate a proficiency in the Adobe Collection Suite but also sourcing and selecting stock photography.

I would happily re-employ Ko as I consider her to be an invaluable member of my team who achieved great results.

Your experience outside North America has given you a unique sensibility that translates to a design process that is very unique and results in a product that stands out from others in my industry. The attention to detail through each step of the process was appreciated. You were easy to contact and you followed up when necessary.

Great job and fantastic support! All we can say is “AMAZING”!

I have worked with Ko Kimura at No Shortcuts Design on several projects that involve logos, visual design, creation and management of a website.
Ko delivers a logo that is beautiful, memorable and most importantly, it reflects the brand concept. Her graphic design is modern, warm, and often with a wit which I adore. When I worked with Ko on a website project, I found her skill in organizing information outstanding. She was also a great collaborator who was reliable and patient with everyone involved in the projects. I would recommend No Shortcuts Design to anyone who is looking for a design project.