These designs were entered for competition or presented for a potential project. Unfortunately, they didn't make the final, or the project was cancelled.
Logos presented for 90 years anniversary of Salt Spring Island Golf and Country Club​​​​​​​
Logo design entered for Japan Exhibition Association's logo renewal competition
Japan Exhibition Association is the largest association that includes sponsors, event venues, and event supporting companies. Their international trade fair exhibitions attract a large company with hundreds of competitors each industry from all over the world. My aim was to incorporate Kanji character of the company name and a red dot to somehow incorporate into a logo to emphasize “Japan” in a modern way. I also wanted the logo especially the Kanji part memorable to non-Japanese speakers. I simplified the Kanji character and added the angles toward the top which represents the 3D medium of equipment used in trade shows and the great future development of the association.
Naming + logo design entered for a competition held by a winery association
The wine industry of this area was growing rapidly at the time of the competition was announced, and the association seemed to be really in need of help for their branding to catch up with the industry's growth. It was actually a naming competition announced casually on their blog. My colleague and I decided to play a little and go one step further to include logo design for them to see how the core of future branding might look like. We wanted to emphasize the goodness of robust and growing local business.
Logo design candidate for a personal property 

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