WordCamp Vancouver 2019
Kaede Kids
Kaede Kids is a quality lightweight cashmere knitwear brand for children. We were able to work with the client from the early stage; research on the brand name, sampling items, etc. The client had a clear idea about the focus market and knew what kind of brand image needs to be established but open to other possibilities. Having a client’s clear vision with some wiggling room takes us in the right direction at the beginning of brainstorming logo design but still allow us to explore the design possibilities. We were able to create a logo and surroundings that represent the brand image that the client wanted, which was cute but elegant, and easy to understand what the product is.
Other presented designs for Kaede Kids
Greer's Ranch Café
Greer’s Ranch Café is a restaurant located on the historic square in Stephenville, Texas. The restaurant serves southern comfort food with fresh local ingredients.​​​​​​​
Other presented designs for Greer's Ranch Café
Scott’s Flowers on the Square
The business has been operating since 1975. The goal was to create a simplified yet memorable and versatile logo that can be used on a variety of items.A fresher approach was important for their next business step but needed to maintain the overall brand image that has been already established. 
Other presented designs for Scott’s Flowers
Fat Man Pies​​​​​​​
Other presented designs for Fat Man Pies
The Word Studio​​​​​​​
Other presented designs The Word Studio

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