How about a cup of broth?

Ninben Dashi Bar

We order coffee, tea, juice or whatever available at a coffee shop, but a cup of broth (not soup) is not normally on the menu.

I sometimes feel like drinking a cup of clear broth with a bit of salt or soy sauce to taste especially when I am slightly hungry, but not craving for solid food. Miso soup is a close call, but sometimes it isn’t really what I want.

I thought the only person who understood my wish was All Nippon Airways. Consommé soup is available among coffee, tea, soda and juice on their air plain.

Recently I learned there was a place that fulfills my wish in Tokyo. It’s called Dashi Bar (dashi means broth in English). The company behind this bar is Ninben. Ninben has over 300 years of history making bonito flakes and other seasonings. You may hear a word “umami” on the food network sometimes. Ninben is specialized in that field.

At Dashi Bar, you can have a cup of broth for ¥100 (about ¢85 in the US). They have broth and rice cracker snack combo and some light, healthy lunch. It’s located in Nihonbashi, Tokyo where not only the place of origin of sushi but flourished as a center of commerce and culture from the Edo era.

So, when you are visiting Tokyo and tired of coffee or tea, a cup of broth may be just what you want.

If interested, you can learn more about Ninben and Nihonbashi area.