Design and poo?

The design we create will become like our child. It’s precious, it’s something we want proud of and watch it grow. A friend of mine back in design school in Tokyo said “Design is like a poo that comes after constipation,” yes, she said that and entered the exact phrase for a copywriting contest held on the campus. She took the first prize. Whatever expression is, a design is an output from a designer anyway, so maybe design and poo have got something to do with.

There is a design consultancy in London who worked on the design and product development of poo called Poopoo Strategy. It’s completely a comedy done by mind design, but they took every process that they normally take for a design consulting project. The final design actually looks great and sophisticated. The icon development is just hilarious. I just don’t feel like discussing the color tone though. Well, I guess that’s enough poo talk for today.

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